Optimcode LLC offers GPU consulting services that leverages our GPU expertise to meet the challenges of High performance computing systems

Optimcode help clients accelerate their solvers and achieve better, faster results. We offer consulting services and custom-designed tools to commercial, government, and academic organizations seeking to optimize their scientific computing, numerical analysis, and image processing applications.

We have used GPUs for general purpose computing since 2008

A complete solution is what you can expect when engaging with Optimcode:

We analyze your needs to determine which technologies are the most appropriate and cost-effective for your business.
With a clear understanding of your objectives, we will design a custom solution to your specifications.
We will achieve maximum performance with our Multi-GPU and GPU-Hybrid designs that utilize all of the hardware present in a system.
We implement cross-platform designs for Linux systems so that you can reach the widest audience possible.
We will provide ongoing support and maintenance, so you can rest assured that your solution will continue to perform at its full potential.
Our areas of expertise include
  • Scientific Computing
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Image Processing